The electrical and building services software house, Hausmann Wynen, becomes part of the building construction software group around SEMA, WGsystem and Compass

With the support of Bregal Unternehmerkapital (BU), a powerful group of software companies specializing in various construction trades has been formed around SEMA, one of the world's leading software providers in the fields of timber construction, stair design, and sheet metal work. Now the group has gained another prominent member, Hausmann Wynen from Monheim, a well-established company in industry software, which meets the specific requirements of the electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and PV systems sectors, as well as the trade sector. The new synergies will help the partners to enhance their growth together and to create additional value for their customers.


During its 40-year history, Hausmann Wynen has proven to be not only a reliable partner for specialized electrical engineering companies but also for building service companies and trading companies. Today, around 4,800 small and medium-sized professional electrical companies, as well as 40 retailers and wholesalers from all over Germany use their two products -"Powerbird", a vertical industry software with all functionalities from calculation, financial accounting, wage accounting to modern mobile apps, and "Sitara", an ERP software focused, amongst others , on retailers and wholesalers with modules for finance, accounting and  employee management. Hausmann Wynen employs more than 88 experts.


Hausmann Wynen, now complements the product range of a group that is already well-established in the market and on its way to become a broadly positioned construction-tech player. With more than 11,000 customers, this group includes SEMA, one of the world's leading providers of CAD/CAM software solutions for timber construction, stair design and sheet metal work, as well as the partner companies WGsystem (commercial industry software with a focus on timber construction, carpentry and roofing) and Compass (software for stair design, timber and window construction with a focus on CNC connections and workshop organisation), who have joined the group in recent years.


"The ‘newcomer’ significantly strengthens our group once again and expands our portfolio by new, neighbouring industries," explains Alexander Neuss, CEO of the group. "Many specialized companies face similar challenges in terms of digitalisation - our customers benefit from the combined experience of our group members, who all share the same target: the development of optimal and practical solutions together with the customer, which are oriented towards the needs of today and tomorrow."


"We are very pleased to become part of a powerful and fast-growing group and to be actively involved in its further development. The list of complementary competences as well as opportunities for joint growth is long, so that customers and employees can look forward to numerous benefits," said Peter Albrecht and Sven Wollthan, managing directors at Hausmann Wynen