A strong partnership in the online retail market: amaZervice joins Billbee and becomes part of BU's E-Commerce Software Group

We are pleased to announce that the E-Commerce Software Group, established in 2023 by funds advised by BU, has acquired the German software provider amaZervice, as a strategic add-on to Billbee. amaZervice offers one of the leading software solutions for VAT compliance and invoicing in the e-commerce field, complementing Billbee’s existing multichannel e-commerce software SaaS solution. Through the new partnership, Billbee will aim to expand into marketplace invoicing, creating new and valuable synergies through a diversified product range.


Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Wildpoldsried, Germany, amaZervice serves over 2,500 customers from various industries, particularly Amazon sellers domiciled in Germany. amaZervice provides invoicing and VAT compliance software for the needs of Amazon Marketplace sellers. amaZervice’s SaaS offering, Amainvoice, automatically imports sales data from Amazon Marketplace merchants, using it to generate the necessary digital documents for invoicing, financial accounting, and international VAT compliance. As a standardised solution, the software is simple to implement and install. The company also offers a range of additional services, including the analysis of historical Amazon data for VAT compliance.


As the newest member of the E-Commerce Software Group, the acquisition of amaZervice follows the investments in Billbee GmbH and Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, leading providers of multi-channel e-commerce and cloud-based sales optimization software. With amaZervice becoming part of Billbee, the e-commerce software group will look to continue to grow through further acquisitions in order to position itself as a market leader in the ever-growing field of online retailing.


BU will continue to support this successful and strategic growth course in the future.