Bregal Unternehmerkapital Announces Majority Investment in cloud-based e-commerce software provider, Billbee

Funds advised by Bregal Unternehmerkapital ("BU"), today announced they have made a majority investment in Billbee GmbH ("Billbee" or the "Company"), from Twisteal in northern Hesse. Billbee is the leading provider of multichannel e-commerce software SaaS solutions for small e-commerce retailers in the DACH region. With support from BU, Billbee will look to further expand its market position, through both organic growth and acquisitions. Billbee will become the nucleus of an e-commerce software group which will acquire complementary businesses in order to provide software solutions along the entire value chain for e-commerce retailers. Jan Krause, the founder of Billbee, will continue to maintain a stake in Billbee.


Founded in 2015, Billbee now employs nearly 50 employees and serves approximately 20,000 e-commerce retailers throughout the DACH region. Billbee offers retailers a high-quality, one-stop-shop solution that helps fully cover the needs of small e-commerce retailers. 

The Company‘s cloud platform enables rapid scaling without the need for installation or implementation, offers numerous features around topics such as order fulfilment, item management, invoicing and automation, and has all the major interfaces for sales platforms, shipping service providers, and financial applications. In addition, the team is focused on a very high-growth market, which achieves strong growth rates due to the increasing number of online retailers and the increasing use of professional cloud-based software solutions.


Billbee's SaaS solution focuses primarily on small and micro retailers and has thus far been primarily active in the DACH region. Recently, the Company made an acquisition in the UK with a complementary product offering to take advantage of both geographic and product-driven growth opportunities. Together with Managing Director David Pohlmann, BU now intends to continue on this course and, on the basis of the combined expertise, help take Billbee's organic and inorganic growth to the next level. In particular, the inorganic growth lever with ample add-on opportunities in the European e-commerce software landscape and BU’s strong track record in buy and build cases will be a key contributor to the success of the e-commerce software group.


"Billbee was originally an idea to help make the processes in a small online business easier." said David Pohlmann. "Today, we're proud to make everyday work easier for thousands of e-commerce businesses. I am very pleased to have found a partner in BU for our next stage of growth, who not only shares the same vision, but also has a long track record and deep market know-how in expanding leading software providers."


"We believe that Billbee has a remarkable growth trajectory, both in Germany and internationally, which we now want to help drive forward with capital and our historic expertise in the software space." added Norbert Heller, Director at BU. "We look forward to working in partnership with the Billbee team to help bring their solutions to more retailers around the world."