Our value system sets us apart.

Exceptional ethical and commercial standards are the hallmark of our partnerships with entrepreneurs.

A value compass established over many generations

At Bregal Unternehmerkapital, we are committed to values such as responsibility, integrity, confidentiality and sustainability. We believe in sustainable investing. True to the tradition of our family-owned business, we expect total commitment and the utmost professionalism – from ourselves and from our partners.

A value-oriented approach to investment

This commitment to ethical values provides the ideal basis for sustained and trustful cooperation. Only by working together can we then go on to create lasting value. We only commit to an investment if there is open dialogue from the outset, leading to a shared understanding of the value each party can contribute. We also appreciate that there is more to a business than cash flows alone. Our principal focus is the human capital: experience, ability and values.

Value creation with a social awareness

Every company is also an integral part of society, for which it shares responsibility – as an employer, as an honest partner for customers and suppliers, and as an influence on the community and wider environment. These are issues that concern us in our work and in our investments. Together with many of the portfolio companies, we support a range of initiatives in our immediate communities that make a positive and lasting contribution to society. One such initiative is the Munich-based charity Dein München, which provides disadvantaged youths with greater access to education, culture and sport. As a supporter of Dein München, we not only contribute financially to their work, we also offer our experience and know-how to help children and young people overcome the specific challenges they face.