Bregal Unternehmerkapital becomes new majority shareholder of medavis, a leading software provider for radiological information systems (RIS)

The German software market remains one of the most exciting segments for innovation and attractive growth, not least because numerous hidden champions offer forward-looking solutions here and digitization demand is growing continuously across all end markets. Bregal Unternehmerkapital (“BU”) has been very active in this area for some time and is working to develop these highly promising companies.


BU has again taken a majority interest in a software market leader in a particular niche: With its registered office in Karlsruhe and a market share of around 20%, medavis GmbH is indispensable for radiological practices and clinical departments in the DACH region when it comes to topics such as workflow optimization, process integration and networking. For 25 years, medavis has offered tailored software solutions focused on imaging techniques to doctors, specialist medical personnel and patients. As well as providing stability, reliability and performance, these solutions also offer access to innovative networking opportunities such as telematics infrastructure. The company’s core product, “medavis RIS”, is one of the world’s most innovative software solutions for radiology. It optimizes the entire workflow from scheduling to billing, is scalable up to complex system landscapes with many different locations and can be flexibly integrated into any IT infrastructure. medavis’ web-based solutions also enable networking across locations and communication between radiologists, referrers and patients.


In recent years, medavis has grown much more dynamically than the market as a whole and has therefore been able to further expand its market leadership position. In the future, Bregal intends to continue this impressive trajectory together with capital and expertise from the software market and open the next chapter in the company’s growth. The partnership with the two founders Jörg Dittrich and Elmar Kußmaul, which have retained significant stakes following this transaction, will focus on the further expansion of the company’s strong position in the core RIS market, continued geographical expansion and strategic enlargement into neighbouring business areas. Investments in product development are also on the way, both in the core RIS product and in new, innovative solutions to further promote digital networking in the health sector.