The companies that work with us.

The portfolio companies of the funds advised by Bregal Unternehmerkapital include established mid-sized enterprises, high-growth spin-offs and dynamic technology providers.

DAVASO: succession solution for leading service provider to health insurance funds

Founded in 2017 through the merger of the Leipzig-based companies INTER-FORUM and Syntela, DAVASO GmbH is a specialist in prescription and billing audits for statutory health insurance funds. In addition, the company collects and processes data for structured disease management programmes (DMPs), develops, implements and maintains billing audit and authorisation software and produces IT-based assessments and reports for companies in the healthcare sector.

Bregal Unternehmerkapital acquired INTER-FORUM in 2016 as part of a succession solution. After 25 years in an executive role, the founder of INTER-FORUM was looking for a reliable, experienced and capital-rich partner that could facilitate a simple and discreet succession. That same year Syntela IT-Dienstleistungs GmbH, which was founded in 2005, was brought into the group as a sister company to INTER-FORUM. The two companies merged into DAVASO the following year, with customers benefitting from more efficient processes and increased focus on driving innovation. Bregal Unternehmerkapital will continue to support DAVASO with its many years of finance expertise and extensive network of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Embassy Jewel: Luxury watch retail company with a new growth partner

Established more than 45 years ago, Lucerne-based Embassy Jewel AG is one of the five leading luxury watch retail companies in Switzerland. Highly respected and well-known within the sector, the company operates five attractively located stores in Lucerne, the Swiss watch capital, as well as one shop in St. Moritz. With watches and jewellery from distinguished brands, Embassy appeals to an international clientele.

Bregal Unternehmerkapital holds a majority stake in Embassy since 2017. The previous owners, Patrik and Petra König, continue to hold a significant minority stake in the company. With its new partner, Embassy will focus on making further investments to strengthen the branch network and the in-store infrastructure.

Kunststoff Schwanden AG: Swiss industry supplier sets course for growth

Kunststoff Schwanden AG is a successful manufacturer of complex plastic parts and components used in packaging, household appliances and automotive applications. The company was founded in 1883 as 'Bär-Luchsinger ' and later, in 1973, re-branded as Kunststoff Schwanden AG. With over 500 employees, the company has evolved in recent years to become the largest private employer in the Canton of Glarus. Today, the company has at its disposal a machinery pool consisting of around 100 high-tech installations.

Bregal Unternehmerkapital became the new majority shareholder in Kunststoff Schwanden AG in 2016 as part of a succession arrangement. Bregal will work together with the previous owner Albert Kiener, who will retain a minority stake, and the senior management to ensure the long-term development of Kunststoff Schwanden and drive expansion of its customer base in all key segments. Further, Bregal will provide Kunststoff Schwanden with its expertise in building international production capabilities to leverage the potential for growth in markets such as China and Mexico, which play a major role in global sourcing, especially for leading automotive manufacturers.

LR Health & Beauty: major boost for Germany’s leading direct sales company

LR Health & Beauty specialises in cosmetics, dietary supplements, perfumes and anti-age management products. The company is not only a high-end retailer but also a first-class logistics specialist, selling the majority of its products through a direct sales channel with a strong presence in a number of countries and regions, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Using an expansion strategy that was jointly initiated with us, LR Health & Beauty has also entered the Russian, Kazakh and Ukrainian markets in recent years and achieved two- to three-digit growth in Turkey, Portugal and France. LR Health & Beauty is now active in 27 countries – with more on the way.

Novem: automotive supplier on course for further growth

Novem is a leading manufacturer of interior trim elements for the premium car segment and was purchased from a trusteeship in 2011. In the intervening years, we have supported the company as it seeks to internationalise its production footprint. Revenues increased during this period from around EUR 300 million to almost EUR 500 million. The company has opened an additional plant in Mexico and greatly expanded its production facilities in China with an investment of EUR 40 million. In 2015, Bregal provided a further EUR 50 million via a capital increase, giving the management team even greater flexibility for investment in growth and the expansion of its operations in Eastern Europe.

Onlineprinters: A market leader in B2B online printing targets further growth

Based in Neustadt an der Aisch, Onlineprinters is one of the leading B2B online printing companies in Europe. Over 600 employees serve more than 500,000 customers, producing 2.1 billion printed products per year – from traditional flyers to entire trade fair stands. Founded in 2004, the Company operates as in Germany and as Onlineprinters in more than 30 other European countries. It is one of the first movers into online printing and has been a driving force in the market for printed advertising material in recent years.

Working jointly with Bregal and benefitting from their financial strength and know-how since October 2016, the Company plans to make further investments into growth in order to cement and expand its leading domestic and international position.

proALPHA: software provider sets sights on expansion and acquisition

proALPHA, a leading developer of ERP solutions for mid-sized companies in Germany, has been part of our portfolio since 2013. After the original founders sold their shares in the business – followed by reinvestment by one of the founders – the priority for management was to develop and expand the sales team. Since then, proALPHA has significantly improved its performance and the company is now pursuing an M&A strategy focused on international expansion, the consolidation of resellers and the addition of complementary products to the existing portfolio.

SAM Automotive: technology and innovation leader with strong growth potential

Founded in 1955 as Binder GbR, the SAM Automotive Group is a Tier 1 supplier of high-quality aluminium exterior parts to the automotive industry and one of the leading providers in this segment.

The majority of these parts are aluminium roof rails and exterior trim elements for premium manufacturers such as VW, Audi, Mercedes and GM. SAM is responsible for the entire production process – from the design, manufacturing and anodising of each part through to final assembly on the vehicle. The company has a workforce of some 1,500 employees based at three locations in Germany and an assembly plant in Mexico.

In late 2015, the owners of the then Binder Group, Hans and Ottmar Binder, decided to sell their company to funds advised by Bregal Unternehmerkapital. Since then, we have been assisting with cross-border development of the Group’s strong growth potential, enlargement of its international footprint and the optimisation of its administrative and management structures.

Sovendus: online marketer in search of a minority shareholder

Sovendus GmbH is a rapidly growing company that was founded in 2008. Its customers now include more than 850 online shops, numerous online portals, over 35 magazine publishers, 240 newspaper publishers and plenty of other product providers. Sovendus offers a whole range of marketing solutions for the check-out page of e-commerce shops and among others offers attractive deals and positive shopping experiences to generate additional sales, direct revenues and high-quality newsletter addresses for its shop partners. It also markets checkout pages and places regionally focused online offers on behalf of publishers. This enables Sovendus to reach more than 20 million online customers a month in seven European countries.

At the end of 2015, Bregal Unternehmerkapital acquired a minority stake in Sovendus. Since then, we have supported Sovendus with the international expansion of its partner network, the broadening of its business model and the acceleration of the company’s development. In early 2016, Sovendus strengthened its market position through the 100% acquisition of two online marketing companies: Tharuka GmbH based in Freiburg and RMD Regional Marketing Deutschland GmbH based in Offenburg. At the end of 2016, Ulm based reichweite² beratung & medien GmbH with its 400 customers became part of Sovendus. The acquisition is an important step for growing Sovendus’ partner network and will help the company to strengthen its innovation leadership.