Bregal Unternehmerkapital invests in Kunststoff Schwanden AG

Munich / Schwanden – The Swiss company, Kunststoff Schwanden AG, has a new majority shareholder. Bregal Unternehmerkapital has acquired a major stake in the successful manufacturer of complex plastic parts and components. As part of the succession plan, the previous owner, Albert Kiener, will still play a key role in the company. André Bermann (CEO) and Martin Züger (CFO) will acquire shares in Kunststoff Schwanden AG as well. They will both remain in their respective management roles. Furthermore, the participation of other members of senior management is expected. The operating properties on the two sites, Schwanden and Näfels, will remain the property of Albert Kiener and will be rented out to Kunststoff Schwanden AG. The transaction is still subject to regulatory approval and the parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

"With the success and growth of Kunststoff Schwanden AG, new challenges have cropped up in recent years. In particular, the increasing customer requirement to be on the ground as a supplier in important economic regions such as China, Mexico and the USA, highlights the need to internationalise our production sites. In addition, the time had come to arrange my succession, to pave the way for the continued success of the company and thus to take responsibility for our many workplaces. I am very pleased to have found a business partner in Bregal. This is a perfect fit, not only because of their international experience which is beneficial to Kunststoff Schwanden AG, but also because of the long-term perspective that makes up part of the company's culture, which has been built up over generations by the Brenninkmeijer family," stated Albert Kiener.

The two existing sites in Schwanden and Näfels, in the Canton of Glarus, are to be further bolstered and the customer base will be expanded across all industries. At the same time, there are plans to make the company more international. The focus will be on growing markets such as China, Mexico and the USA as these play a crucial role in the context of global sourcing for major car manufacturers. A later expansion into Central and Eastern Europe is also possible.

"Kunststoff Schwanden AG is well positioned on the market and we see great potential for further successful development. That is why we are making a long-term commitment and are bringing in our extensive expertise to support growth and for succession situations in medium-sized companies," commented Florian Schick, Managing Partner of Bregal Unternehmerkapital GmbH. Bregal's international network of industry experts and vast experience in the automobile segment will also provide a valuable contribution towards this goal. Bregal's investments include the automobile supplier, Novem Car Interior Design, based in the Upper Palatinate (producing decorative trim parts for vehicle interiors), and Binder-Group (external aluminium trim parts and roof rails) based in south-west Germany.

About Kunststoff Schwanden AG

The company was founded in 1883 as 'Bär-Luchsinger ' and later, in 1973, re-branded as Kunststoff Schwanden AG, developing and producing high-quality solutions and products in the field of injection moulding. With over 500 employees, the company has evolved in recent years to become the largest private employer in the Canton of Glarus. Today, the company has at its disposal a machinery pool with around 100 high-tech installations. Kunststoff Schwanden AG specialises in sophisticated plastic components and complex components for packaging, technical parts, household appliances and automobile technology.

About Bregal Unternehmerkapital

Bregal is part of a family-owned business that has been built up over generations. Its investment activity is free of institutional constraints, based on long-term commitment and independent of developments in the financial markets. Bregal identifies companies with strong management teams that are regarded as market leaders or “hidden champions” in their particular segment. Flexible financing and transaction structures enable it to acquire both minority and majority stakes. In doing so, Bregal is also able to handle complex industry spin-offs, management buy-outs and succession situations in a sensitive, non-dogmatic manner. Bregal aims to help companies achieve a sustained improvement in sales and profitability, and provides them with capital, proven financial expertise and access to a broad network of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

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