Florian Schick on future prospects of Bregal´s portfolio company Novem

Florian Schick, Managing Partner of Bregal Unternehmerkapital, believes their portfolio company Novem Car Interior Design is strongly positioned for further growth. The “Hidden Champion” from Bavaria’s northern region manufactures high quality trim elements and decorative function elements for automotive interiors, such as the complete center console and the door panels for the Tesla model series S and X. In 2011, Bregal acquired the premium supplier based in the German town of Vorbach and since then, aided by growth investments and a capital increase, sales have increased significantly. Florian Schick is convinced that the success story of Novem will carry on for a long time to come. “Novem is a real gem of the German “Mittelstand” and is developing into the international innovation leader in its market niche,” said Florian Schick in an interview with "Der Neue Tag". The newspaper is dedicating an extensive portrait to Novem in its November 10, 2017 issue, which features Florian Schick, Novem’s CEO Günter Brenner and its worldwide production manager Markus Wittmann.

Florian Schick: „Growth investments rather than financial engineering“

Florian Schick and Günter Brenner both agree that the acquisition of Novem by Bregal was a success story based on long-term commitment, responsibility, integrity and sustainability. The engagment and capital of Bregal were crucial for the internationalization of the company and important investments in Novem’s German plants, making Novem's double-digit annual sales growth possible in the first place. With 6,000 employees and ten locations worldwide, the company is the global leader in high quality products for automotive interiors. Its products are usually found in the interiors of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover and other renowned premium automotive manufacturers. In doing so, Novem relies on materials such as wood, aluminum, carbon, premium synthetics and leather. In addition to Novem, Bregal currently holds eleven further investments in Germany and Switzerland, including two automotive suppliers.

Regional online portal Onetz covers how Novem profits from current trends in the automotive market, which innovations the company’s future workshop is currently developing, how Bregal Unternehmerkapital supports the growth of Novem and the roles which management and employees play in the company’s success story.

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